“Wars are won or lost in the time it takes to reload artillery”


The Terminon Conflict Background:

Terminon is a small world cluster that holds a key forge complex for the production of Macro plasma weapons. Loyalist forces garrisoned there receive notification of a huge warp rift opening nearby and prepare their defensive lines.

The Terminon Conflict is broken down into phases, simulating an assault on Terminon Prime by the Traitor forces.

Game 1, Planetstrike. 3000pts per player. Crusade/Onslaught/Leviathan. 2 Lords of War per player max. Traitor forces establish a foothold in the foothills of the Sana Ranges and surge to the outer limits of the forge complex. Will the first wave annihilate the Loyalists entrenched there or will they break against the wall?

Game 2, Forge Assault. 4000pts per player. Crusade/Onslaught/Leviathan. 2 Lords of War per player max. Within the Forge lines, traitor forces move to assault the last wall to the inner forge sanctum.

Game 3, Secure the Forge. 1500pts per player. Zone Mortalis. Now inside the complex, loyalists must defeat the traitors and stop them securing the core control room.

Game 4, The Scouring. 3000pts per player. Centurion. With most of the heavy equipment destroyed or burning, the forces push for one last surface battle to secure the drop sites and stop their enemies deploying to orbit.

Game 1, Planetstrike

The initial barrages from the Dark Mechanicum and a World Eaters forces range out towards the Dark Angels, Salamanders and Imperial Fists positions. Manning the barricades the Loyalists deliver punishing firepower back to the traitors, but the chaotic advance continues.

Anacharis Scoria leads the Dark Mechanicum, Angron the a World Eaters. Their objectives are to secure the two anti-orbital sites in the outlying area of the forge.

On the left flank, the Imperial Fists find themselves whittled down by Thanatar Siege Automata with Hellex Mortars, Thallax and Vorax. Sigismund orders his Mastodon to swing right and reinforce before the flank collapses, coming face to face with two Vulturax Stratos Automata and a Cerastus Atropos – The Ancient Evil. The Dark Angels missile teams and Knights weather a horrific storm of fire, but hold the center, Meanwhile, on the right, the Salamanders Firedrakes and Vulcan drive forwards in their Spartan Assault Tank to attempt to tar pit Angron and his Red Butchers.

Two turns later and Vulkan has stopped Angron, but the World Eaters Thunderhawk has arrived dropping inductii off at the right hand anti-orbital site. On the center and left flank, the dark Mechanicum have been halted, destroying the Mastodon, but losing the Atropos In the process.

A resurgent push for the World Eaters and Dark Mechanicum in the final turn sees Anacharis Scoria kill the Dark Angels Praetor and his accompanying Terminator Squad, but the Imperial fists reinforce, denying the point to the Traitors. On the right flank, the World Eaters inductii fund themselves pinned in place by rubble and fire from the Salamanders – stopping them from securing the right hand anti-orbital.

The final turn of the Loyalists sees a stalemate drawn in the wider game, but with the Traitors unable to secure the anti-orbitals, they withdraw from the battle and prepare for lance strike fire to engage the defense line.

Loyalists win a very close battle, 6VP to 5VP.

The fight for the Forge Accessway and the last wall begins 18 April 2020.

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  1. […] March also saw the first game of the Terminon Conflict take place. This was set out to be a 4 game Apocalypse-scaled campaign; however it unfortunately terminated half way through due to COVID-19. This first game saw the forces of the Dark Mechanicum and Iron Warriors face down the Salamanders, Imperial Fists and Dark Angels. After a brutal battle, the Loyalists took a slim victory of only a single Victory Point! The full Battle Report here. […]


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