Whilst this blog will still be producing a Night Lords 2.0 Legion Getting Started – I’m aware that the time to produce such an in depth article simply is in excess of what I can devote right now (in addition to the repaint of the Night Lords themselves in a new scheme).

So, in order to not disappoint some of those long-term fans of the blog who may be patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the Night Lords post; I’ve knocked up a quick and dirty Primer.

It doesn’t cover everything; but it covers most things. Warlord traits, Legion Traits and weapons are most notably missing, so some assumed knowledge is applicable here.

The main article for Night Lords Getting Started is expected to release around late-November, early December. Eventually, this primer will also get a second page and have everything on it in a quick-reference style.

Until then – Ave Dominus Nox!

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