I started Warhammer in 2018, taking a step into Warhammer: 40,000 8th Edition. I ran Black Legion and World Eaters during that first year. I then branched out into Ad Mech and I always wanted to use the lovely Horus Heresy Mechanicum Automata.

My first models from the Black Legion & World Eaters

Unfortunately, Fires of Cyraxis died and quite frankly I was tiring of 8th Edition, it’s CP system breaking the immersion in the game and making it very swingy. Atop of this the constant battle against meta chasers and GW nerfing my favourite models because they’d been “discovered” and nerfed, saw me move more into the collectors area of the game.

I preordered Anacharis Scoria and bought myself a Warhound Titan. This order was shortly followed by Konrad Curze and Sevatar. I’d been listening to and reading several Heresy books involving the Night Lords whilst building and painting. I realised how much I enjoyed their fractious relationships in comparison to the other legions and the overt but covert approach to compliance. I saw Curze as a hugely crippled, but immensely capable character who could have been saved, but ultimately wasn’t. Without the guidance from the Emperor that could have saved him, the spiral from Primarch to schizophrenic psychotic beast was assured.

After a few weeks of reading, painting and planning, Forgeworld were graced with a massive order that saw a collection of Night Raptors, Specialist Troops, Tanks, Dreadnoughts and Fliers purchased.

Heresy has begun.

Fast forward to now and I have c.12,000pts of Night Lords spanning three Rites of War and three narrative themes. There’s a few extra units bought on whim, able to be bolted in too. To mix it up a bit I have 4,000pts of Dark Mechanicum, a Warhound, a Reaver and a Warlord.

Heresy is a brilliant system, and I don’t see myself straying from the system toward 40,000 anytime soon. Long live Heresy!