Company Background

The 52nd Company “Legio Traitoris” was established to rapidly descend into a population as a “Purgation Company”. This required the use of Dreadclaw drop pods to enable rapid deployment and movement amongst the sprawling, skyscraping hives. When deployed against the Xenos, the 52nd would descend as close to the enemy as possible, using their drop pods heat wash to burn away a buffer zone; before dropping through the hatch and systematically murdering their enemies.

On Istvaan they were intended to deploy in support of the Raven Guard; instead, they fell amidst the Raven Guard in their Drop Pods and exercised no restraint in irradiating and butchering their hapless brothers.

Once their task was complete, the 52nd hoisted those still living victims atop cruciform structures. Company Apothecarions trained by Mawdrym Llansahai then attended to the victims in a truly macabre manner. The Apothecaries of the Night Lords are more than aid-bearers; they’re master torturers. the Apothecaries set to work, pumping their victims full of stimulants to maintain their lifeforce as they slowly flayed them of their skin and flensed them to the bone. With their victims being slowly dissected alive atop the cruciform structures; the rest of the Company stood and watched on until the last victim died; before turning and moving to the next sub sector that required “purging”.

Company Lead & Modus Operandi

They are lead by a truly tormented soul; known as Malithos Kruevok. Kruevok was orginally a Chaplain whose brutality earned him his Command by Rite of Challenge. He killed his Praetor Commander after deeming him incompetent on the battlefield. This judgement was earned when the Praetor arrived back on the bridge of the Battlebarge “The Shadow of Nostramo” during the Dropsite Massacre; and refused to return to battle.

Kruevok is unstable – despite the fact he was raised to Astartes standard during the better times of Nostramo. He has a tendency to drop into berzerk rages that see him carve bloody paths through his enemies. His semi-translucent white flesh is covered with ritualistic “conduit” markings alongside his old gang markings. He is widely accepted as being in league with darker forces by his subordinates.

Despite this obvious allegiance with the pantheon and his innate instability, he has control over a Contekar Terminator Elite force known as “The Synod of Blood”. The Synod operate not only as Kruevok’s elite guard, but also as a Company Speartip; using their Volkite Cavitators to gouge holes in enemy troop formations.

The 52nd has a higher than average complement of Volkite weapons for a Night Lords Company. The Company prefers to conduct hit and run operations overs standing engagements. This has seen them use the boosted weight of fire that Volkite offers over Bolters to engage with initially overwhelming firepower and cover their withdrawal back to the pods.

Being a Company that focuses on rapid purgation operations, the 52nd has a complement of Storm Eagles and Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighters. These platforms provide close-in fire support and act as a quick reaction force should the drop pod assault become overwhelmed or bogged down. There is very little armoured complement to the 52nd outside of a small fleet of Rhino Armoured Carriers.

Command Structure & Allies

The 52nd has a significantly smaller Command Cohort than is commonly seen, mostly down to the mistrust Kruevok has engendered after slaying his previous second in command in a fit of outrage. Only one stands beside Kruevok in the Command structure as a result; Ruval Kanis.

Kanis is just as unstable as his Commander; known as he is for killing the weaker members of the 52nd Company on Istvaan when the Raven Guard ran short of men.

Kanis prefers a Storm Eagle Gunship over a Dreadclaw Drop Pod; but Teleportation transponders allow him to bathe in his enemies terror far more deliciously. Thus, he teleports in with his personal Cohort of Contekar Terminator Elite; “The Ghouls”. This Contekar Cohort stands apart from their brethren in the Company due to the sheer barbarity of their actions.

Eschewing the Volkite Cavitator, a staple for 52nd Company Contekar, for a Heavy Flamer; The Ghouls capture enemy combatants and flay them alive, before using their heavy flamers to set alight the ground around them. The heat given off by the burning promethium, combined with the open nerve endings causes ghoulish screams to be emitted from their victims torn throats.

The 52nd does not have any known Allies outside of the Legion.

Force Organisation

The standard Force Organisation for 52nd Company
An enlarged deployment Force Organisation of 52nd Company.