Images of your creations set against backdrops or set in photo booths are great, but if you want to go that extra step, there is a really simple and fairly inexpensive way of doing it!

Werble, iOS

The application prompts you to “buy” free starter packs – and to be blunt these might be all you require! If you want laser effects the Star Wars named Force FX packs are the repository files you require and are cheap too.

Weather & Smoke effects – Rain is available free in the starter pack as is the smoke.
Glow effects – Force FX bundle

Once you have installed the packs, you need to open an image, then add the effects like layers. You can export as a GIF or video at a multitude of file sizes and qualities!

Once a layer is on the image, you can move the layer itself and adjust size. If you click on the tools button you can further adjust the effect until you are 100% content with the outcome. There are a multitude of packs available, so its just up to the limit of your imagination!

I’ve been using Werble to create GIFs for this iteration and the previous blogspot iteration of Legio Traitoris for a while now. There are significant fine tuning elements to the application that allows you to create some truly stunning vistas. From distorting smoke, to digital signal loss, it really does provide quite the canvas for you to experiment on.

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